Our story begins, as these stories often do, with a young up-and-coming student. He's not a religious man, and not a member of the conservative party. He has a completely single minded stomach, and has no regard for the type of food he consumes. Eventually, his stomach launches a special project in the name of 'body security'. At first, it is believed to be a normal phenomena, to pitch a loaf. However, the true goal of this project was death.

Unbeknownst to the world, he passed away right on the spot, constipated.

The response was immediate..

I knew at this point, that it was mpossible for me to single handedly look for sponsors in the secular world. I needed assistance, i needed help, i was in dire strait.

So i decided to send mass emailz in hopes of getting a positive response...

I assure you, with the amount of traffic hits this site is getting, putting an ad on this spot would be as enriching as creating Microsoft Windows itself. I just need people to know, that this is both a win-win situation for sponsors and myself

I still have not come out with a good account with the amount of money I need to raise. But I definitely need a better coffin

I would like to thank Pierre Cardini and Golf House for the initial sponsorship, but i'm sure things can be better off.

You can now own a piece of this website. For a special price of $150 you can now have special text link, or a banner placed on various places in this blog. The normal price for this extravagant offer is usually $399, but because I believe in helping others as well, this offer will last till February 30th 2010. Your banner/textlink will be permanently put in this site as long as this site still exists. SOUND LIKE A GOOD DEAL? Dont hesitate to email me @ we.are.mib@gmail.com

As for other sponsors that would like to be part of this world-changing-innovative event, I still need other favors and equipment for the funeral. Please do email me with the things you can do for this event. I will come out with the list of things that is needed.

I would like to thank Pierre Cardini and Golf House for their initial sponsorship, at least now, my pal has something to contain him.

This are the things that we still need sponsors for.

1) A suit for my buddy (Preferably Armani, or Hugo Boss)
2) Professional make-up artist (Preferably someone with extensive skills in managing make-ups)

3) A hearse, to carry the big load (Preferably a hummer modified hearse) 

4) A decorative flower that will be put in front of the hearse. (Preferably white beautiful flowers)

5) Professional mourners (Preferably single, under-30 girls, and virgins)

6) A lot of favors from people to help organize the funeral, send out invitations and publicize the event

7) AND a fully customize tombstone. 


We were really really really inspired HERE

All characters in this post were pure illustration, no pierre cardini bag was destroyed, neither did any characters suffer casualty.